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Finding inner and outer balance

Over the last month I have had a lot of healing to do.

When I get stressed I turn off the electronic world and go within.

I unroll my yoga mat, blare some Ravi Shankar or other bhajan style music while I practice and then follow that healing therapy with a good strong dose of meditation.   And if that isn’t enough then I follow that up with a good dose of biofeedback with Healing Rythms; when everything else does not work, it reminds me that I am vibrating on a too low frequency right now and need to up it a little bit to bring myself back to center.  Finding your center is necessary in life.

Over the past week I have felt myself vibrating too low. Since I learned about biofeedback and the link between depressive thoughts and cancer I have always tried to up my frequency as well as that of my family and have seen really good results.  Biofeedback helps you to physically “see” how your thoughts affect your body as far as chest pains and headaches go.  And through proper breathing I have managed to stop my painful symptoms without any aspirin or excedrin most of the time. When I am in a hurry I still cling to aspirin or white willow bark.

I highly encourage any heart patients or patients that are taking something for depression to try biofeedback as an “added therapy” along with your daily medication. I have seen great improvements in my heart and in my stress levels since being on it.

I love yoga.  Dec 12 2010 I received my Yoga initiation from Sri Narayankaka Dekane Maharaj. Since then I have felt within myself a lot of changes taking place. I attend daily Satsang and Kirtan. Keeping my morning Sadhana alive. I keep a spiritual log of my activities, feelings, and thoughts.

My yoga teacher’s training is going smoothly although a few things (minor emergencies) keep popping up and getting in my way of finishing my thesis in a timely manner. I have requested an extension from my teacher so that I can better finish what needs to be done before I go back to it because I can’t go back with a scrambled mind set. My ex died June 8th 2011 and I have been on an emotional roller coaster ever since.  We were together 20 years. Around the same time of his cancer diagnosis back in 2006 I too developed a massave tumor and was sent to the Memphis cancer center.  I spoke to him about mine. He never told me of his diagnosis. Why keep such a secret from me?

After my tumor was removed I chose a life of healing and prayer, yoga, meditation, and healthful eating.  Along with green suppliments and an alkaline diet. My tumor didn’t return.  I was cleared of cancer with only a low white blood cell result. Which I boost with bone marrow soups weekly.

His cancer unfortunately spread to the point where chemo alone didn’t help.

I sought second and third opinions as well as alternative medicines and he didn’t.  Now I am here getting my yoga teacher’s training and all I have to remember him by are our memories.
Yoga alone does not cure cancer or remove tumors because only surgery can do that. But it does help relieve the symptoms and the depression that comes along with such a serious diagnosis. If I had to put my finger on the 1 thing that saved me I probably couldn’t because it was a combination of trying many things.

And it was enough.